Upcoming Class

Join us for this two-day intensive, Growing and Using Medicinal Herbs at our gardens in Butler PA.

We’ll start by touring our perennial herb flower garden and learning about how different herbs grow, what they need, and how to identify plants at different parts of their life cycles.  We’ll talk about how to care for and harvest these herbs and how to process them for medicine.  Some herbs are better used fresh and other dried  Sometimes, tea is the beast way, or tinctures, salves, poultices, bunnies, etc.  We’ll review a materia media of each plants, learning common uses, indications for each herb, and how to use them to treat acute situations or as constitutional tonics.  Lastly, we’ll make individual plans tailored to your garden space to landscape the specific plants you want to grow.

Participants who register for both days will receive three plants to bring home.

August 19, 2-8 and August 20, 9-3

One day- $80, Both days- $120

Participants will be able to sleep over if needed.  Meals are not provided, but  kitchen space is available for you to prepare your meals.

Space is limited!  Call or email for more information.

Please use the following link to register.


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cuttingrootCSANew CSA options available this year!  All CSAs run 3 months, mid June- mid September.  Work-trade and sliding scale options are always available.  Please just ask!

Fresh Flowersa weekly flower bouquet, $180

We grow over 50 kinds of cut flowers to ensure that your bouquets are always unique.  Bouquets will be cut the same day and delivered weekly.

Fresh Herbs– choose herb bundles each week, fresh medicinal and culinary herbs available, $150

Fill out this form indicating which types of herbs you’d like to receive.  We’ll include some of each indicated kind in every delivery to you.  This is a great package for beginning medicine makers or adventurous chefs!

Consultation and herbs– 3 consultations, individual formulated herbal preparations with each, $200

Working with a clinical herbalist is a way to empower your healing journey and receive guidance and support.  We’ll meet three times and each time formulate herbal products specifically for you.  Expect each consultation to be 30-90 minutes.  Herbal preparations will include tea blends, tinctures, salves, and/or soaks and are made with herbs grown at the farm!

live plants ready!

Hi everyone!

March just flew by!  There are little babies all over the garden popping up.  the meadowsweet leaves are dark dark red, the tiny yarrow leaves are just feathers.  The valerian are deep purple clusters!  everything is looking lovely.
If you’re interested in any live plants, here’s a little list of what available starting now.  Most plants are $8ish dollars (or something else if something else feels more comfortable).
Live Plant List
-bee balm- purple
-wood betony
-anise hyssop
-lemon balm
-grey coneflower
-sweet annie
– st john’s wort
-salad burnett